Vanquish: Aston Martin nails it

The British performance brand's latest - and greatest - car is worth its admittedly hefty cost.

Strong performance

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Charging around the new NOLA Motorsports Park a few miles from New Orleans, the Vanquish was a pleasure to drive, even at speeds that would lead to jail time on the highway.

It isn't just the noise and acceleration that are impressive. The Vanquish stops and turns with just as much aplomb as it has roaring down an open straightaway. It's one of those cars that feels as if it will do just about anything you ask. Want to go faster? Sure, let's go. Turn harder? Not a problem. Stop immediately? Consider it done. In other words, this is an easy car to drive very, very fast.

It rarely feels unsettled and tracks the road as if held by magnets. In fact, you feel so securely attached to the pavement, you might think this was an all-wheel-drive car. It's not. All that power goes into the back wheels. And, apparently, that's plenty.

It helps that, with the engine mounted way back under the hood, the Vanquish has near-perfect weight balance and -- just as important -- it feels that way.

Source: CNNMoney
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