All-new Corvette Stingray unveiled

General Motors reveals the most powerful base-model Corvette ever made. It's the most fuel-efficient, too.

Chiseled looks

gallery 2014 chevrolet corvette rear

On the outside, the taillights are probably the biggest departure from Corvette tradition. These aren't the friendly, round lights we're used to. These are more angular and much more sculptural, as is the entire rear view of the car.

The sharp-edged body was designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and road-holding. Hood vents, for instance, help release air from under the hood, reducing aerodynamic lift on the front end. An optional Z51 performance package adds a different rear spoiler and additional air deflectors designed for the track.

GM didn't divulge the new Stingray's price at the unveiling. That information will become available closer to the fall of 2013, when the Stingray is expected to go on sale.

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