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Great car deals from the Barrett-Jackson auction

Sure, people buy cars for millions at Scottsdale's Barrett-Jackson auction. But others score cheap deals on cars for $2,200.

1973 Volkswagen Thing

barrett jackson under 20k
  • Sold for: $9,350

You might not remember the Thing. It's "real" name was the VW 181 and it was sold in the United States for just a few years in the '70s. Designed as a two-wheel-drive off-roader it looks similar to the Kubelwagen German soldiers drove during World War II.

It's always surprising to find a cheap, disposable car like this in such apparently good shape after all this time. It's like coming across a 40-year-old Dixie Cup that still holds water.

  @peterdrives - Last updated January 25 2013 06:46 AM ET