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bentley flying spur

Watch - The ultimate Bentley

The main reason that the Flying Spur can drive so fast is its 616 horsepower 12-cylinder engine. There's also a very nice, smooth-shifting eight-speed transmission.

There are benefits to having that kind of massive power in a car, even in a car that weighs close to three tons. Pull the shift lever back into sport mode, stomp on the gas pedal and this massive car hauls itself up to highway speeds in a startling 4.3 seconds. Even by ordinary non-Autobahn standards, the Flying Spur is a fast car.

And it is, so far, my all-around favorite Bentley Model. (And, yes, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to say that from first-hand experience.) For a car of its massive size and deep comfort it drives surprisingly well. Bentley's goal, according to COO Christophe Georges, was to create the "Best performance sedan money can buy."

That's a haughty goal, but when you think about it, it's also a little nebulous.

First published October 21, 2013: 4:34 AM ET