Aggressive instincts

maserati ghibli front

The Ghibli is a supremely hyperactive automobile. With its "sport-tuned" everything and performance wheels and tires, it has every nerve on edge. One can get an adjustable suspension, but this Ghibli happened not to have that.

Now, the ride quality wasn't bad, but the Ghibli certainly doesn't float gently over the bumps the way a typical German luxury sedan does. On the other hand, it feels ready at any moment to dart, flit, swerve or veer should the opportunity present itself. It's alive and eager, like a dog with its ears pricked up and its eyes wide open, begging "Curve! Curve! Is that a curve! Please be curve! Yes! Yes!"

If only the car had felt just as happy exiting a curve as it did approaching it. In a fast turn, there's a surprising amount of body roll, given the firmness of the suspension. After a while, the back end of the car starts feeling like it wants to take to switch places with the front. At least the sensation came on in a smooth, predictable fashion which makes all the difference.

First published November 11, 2013: 7:08 AM ET