BMW i3

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Video - BMW i3: A fun, spunky electric car

Odds are, you think the BMW i3 is really ugly. If so, I disagree with you.

It's hardly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen on four wheels and it is strange but I think it's -- I honestly can't come up with a better way say it -- kind of cool.

It looks appropriately different and technological while retaining only just enough of that BMW brand DNA. It even has the double-square grill design, although the squares are completely filled in with no place for air to pass through.

It is a four-door car with a pair of reasonably sized backward-opening rear doors. The backseats aren't terribly cramped either. If you're a regular-sized adult, you could sit there without clawing to escape at every stop light.

First published December 4, 2013: 3:54 AM ET