Exotic car sales surge to record high - except Ferrari


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Ferrari, by contrast, isn't hitting sales records because Ferrari doesn't want to. Seriously. Cars like the four-seat Ferrari FF -- which costs over $350,000 -- are about as accessible as Ferrari ever wants to be. No Ferrari SUVs are envisioned.

You see, Ferrari feels that just because you want a Ferrari and you have the money to buy one doesn't mean you should be able to get one. Its cars are very rare and Ferrari likes it that way. The goal is to sell no more than about 7,000 cars a year, worldwide. Last year, Ferrari sold only 6,922 cars globally, a 5% decrease from the prior year. That number includes 20 of the new $1.4 million LaFerrari hybrid supercar.

First published June 12, 2014: 11:22 AM ET