How the super rich spend

Do you splurge like Larry Ellison? Give like Beyoncé and Jay Z? The ultra wealthy don't all spend alike. Here's how some of the super rich indulged on homes, food, travel and more.


billionaire oprah

Where she lives: One of Oprah's several homes is an $85 million mansion on a 42-acre estate in Santa Barbara, Calif., that she calls "The Promised Land."

What she splurges on: Her favorite things can be pretty pricey, such as the $12,365 Jorge Adeler cocktail ring she wore on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Game: Splurge like Oprah? What super rich celebrity do you spend like?

How she gives: Oprah's generosity extends beyond herself: After she discovered she had a half-sister in 2011, Oprah bought her a four-bedroom home in Wisconsin worth half a million dollars.

- Last updated June 20 2014 06:50 AM ET