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Stresses of the super rich

Just because you make seven -- or eight -- figures, doesn't mean you live on Easy Street. The rich are just as stressed about money as the rest of us. Here are five things that keep the 1% up at night.

Finding a parking spot

one percent stress yacht parking

The stress of finding a parking spot is compounded for the super rich, because instead of trying to park a car, they're struggling to find a place to dock their yachts.

That's because there's a serious shortage of spots large enough to hold the luxury vessels. It's a simple issue of supply and demand: the number of mega yachts has gone up, but the number of marinas in which they can dock has stayed the same, according to industry publication The Superyacht Report.

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This means that yacht owners are forced to do the unthinkable -- dock further out to sea and take a smaller boat into port.

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