• The list

    The list

    They're the hottest young stars in business across the globe. They're innovators, disrupters, and job creators; in fact, it's a pretty safe bet you're going to be working for them someday -- if you aren't already!

  • Head of the class

    Head of the class

    What did Fortune's 40 look like in high school? Take a trip down memory lane with these yearbook photos.

  • 7 Under 40 job creators

    7 Under 40 job creators

    Now, they're the best and the brightest young minds in business. Back then, they were precocious toddlers and smiling babies. Can you guess who's who?

  • 'My lowest point'

    'My lowest point'

    Meet the Blue-Chip Whisperer, the Comeback Kid, the Car Guy, and others in a selection of stars who have achieved a remarkable amount at a very early age.

  • 40 Under 40: Expert advice

    40 Under 40: Expert advice

    What's the best way to buy pants, share on social networks or hack a phone? We asked our under-40s.

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