• 20 top-paid CEOs

    20 top-paid CEOs

    Oracle's Larry Ellison made a cool $96 million last year. What other CEOs took home big bucks?

  • Most outrageous tax cheats

    Most outrageous tax cheats

    From a restaurant owner who hid cash receipts in "seasoned octopus" boxes to a self-proclaimed governor of Alabama who buried gold coins in his yard, here are some of the wildest tax fraud investigations the IRS has undertaken in the past year.

  • 13 things you didn't know about the Fortune 500

    Learn who's the youngest CEO, what company is finally off the list and what three corporations have always reigned supreme.

  • Oreo cookies maker: A tasty spinoff

    Oreo cookies maker: A tasty spinoff

    Sometimes the best way to unlock shareholder value is to create new companies. Here are six Fortune 500 spinoffs and how they've performed since going solo.

  • Facebook IPO: Winners & losers

    Facebook IPO: Winners & losers

    From Sheryl Sandberg and the Nasdaq to the graffiti artist who took stock instead of cash, here's who's riding high and lying low one year after the Facebook IPO.

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