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When unemployment runs out

Thousands of the long-term unemployed lost extended benefits this year when Congress modified the unemployment program. Another 2 million are set to lose them in January. How do people survive after checks stop coming? Readers share their stories.

Selling my belongings

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  • Name: Stuart Floyd
  • Hometown: Colchester, Vt.

I worked in Fortune 100 companies in New Jersey and Manhattan for 24 years and have been out of work since July 2011. My benefits ran out on Nov. 3.

I survive now by living with a friend and selling all my personal belongings, which are almost gone. I just sold a stereo system for about $1,000. You'll be surprised what people will buy -- just about anything when you put it online.

But that at least will get me through December.

I just don't know what to do. Maybe walk around Burlington with a big sign with my résumé on it like that guy did once on Wall Street.

I'll be honest. I'm at a point where I feel hopeless and helpless and never ever thought I could be in such a position in my life. I'm trying to look for a job. Not in my field, not an executive level job. I'm just looking to get into a company I can grow with.

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