I'm unemployed and hopeless

There's only so much rejection a person can take. Meet 5 unemployed Americans who want to work, but are beyond fed up with the weak job market and feel hopeless.

I'd rather work for myself

  • Name: Marcia Weimer, 49
  • Hometown: Elsberry, Missouri

I was a single parent, so I am no stranger to hard times. This job market however, is different than anything I've ever experienced in the past.

In 2001, I was laid off from the best job I ever had, working as an administrative assistant at a company that makes Harley Davidson merchandise. Since then, I could only find menial jobs.

I worked in a factory and was laid off from there in 2010. I looked for jobs but went a full year without even an interview. Then, I decided to give up and try going back to school to study web design.

Eventually, I started having some financial problems. My fiancé lost his job as a roofer, and I had to take some time off to move us to a cheaper place.

In the meantime, I ran out of financial aid, and now I cannot afford to go back to school.

Given our circumstances, we are trying to open our own business instead. What's the worst that could happen? We can't end up any worse off than we are now. And it's better than taking a part-time, minimum-wage, whatever job.

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