I can't find a nursing job!

Whatever happened to the nursing shortage? These new grads can't find jobs, after months of searching.

We're competing with thousands

I got my associates degree in nursing in Texas, but had to move to California right after gradation because my husband is in the Army and he was relocated.

It took me over two months to transfer my RN license.

I talk to my friends in Texas and all of them have jobs and have been working for months and I am still looking. I was one of the top students of my class and I'm still unemployed, living in a new place and struggling to make ends meet.

I have gone to several job fairs and all the nursing recruiters basically tell me I have to compete with thousands of applicants for 10 positions. I am lucky if I even get a rejection letter.

I am very discouraged and thinking of moving back on my own and leaving my husband and daughter in California just to get at least one year experience. Then I could move back to California at a later date. We bought a house in Texas and if I can't find a job soon we may have to foreclose. I may need to just apply at McDonald's or somewhere similar just to get a paycheck.

Did you earn an advanced degree that did not lead to a job? Was it worth the debt? Send your story to annalyn.kurtz@turner.com.
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