10 cities with Zeitgeist: The places to be in 2013

Hub Culture's Zeitgeist rankings attempt something unusual: Quantifying a feeling. Still, they've managed to create a list of cities that capture this year's "spirit of the moment."

.  Miami

city miami

Miami dropped off the Hub Culture list for many years, but now it's back, a return that coincides with improved prospects for the city's real estate sector.

What else does Miami have? A melting pot.

Miami: Cities with highest rent hikes

"Miami today is probably the most internationally minded city in America, almost beyond the left/right divide plaguing the rest of the country," Hub Culture says. "After years of doldrums, the idea that business, brains and beauty can mix is something that should resonate with everyone."

The Hub Culture ranking is based on economic indicators and outlook, property, employment, nightlife, quality of life and employment.
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