I'm signing up for Obamacare

These Americans can't wait until they can apply for health insurance under the new state-based exchanges, scheduled to open for enrollment in October. For some with pre-existing conditions, there are no other options.

obamacare matthew hotchko
  • Name: Matthew Hotchko, 34
  • Job: Pharmaceutical market research
  • Residence: Renton, Wash.

Pre-existing condition: Skin cancer

I currently work for a small pharmaceutical market research firm full-time and my wife takes care of our three small kids. My employer does not offer insurance, but rather gives us a stipend for a monthly healthcare premium.

Since I had a melanoma mole removed several years ago, I cannot qualify for cheap, regular family insurance. The only insurance I could get was to continue the previous insurance I had when I was with a large company. My premium is $964 a month, but there is a $5,000 deductible per individual, or $16,500 per family. If any of us were to get very sick this year, there goes our savings.

I am hoping that the state exchanges will allow me to have more options. I would be looking for something like I have right now, but not with the very high deductibles.

But I am worried about what the increased costs will be. If more unhealthy people enroll, the insurance companies will have to raise rates for everyone.

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