Millennials: Don't call me 'entitled'

These millennials take issue with the 'entitled' stigma - and no, they aren't just whining.

We're trapped financially and creatively

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The majority, I believe are not the entitled brats that have been focused on again and again.

What I see in millennials is a generation of "maximizers": People who have grown up witness to huge changes in technology, communication, economy and societal norms and want to push for more, for bigger, for better, for more efficient ... whatever it may be, because we've seen it happen and know life's possibilities are endless.

Where the appearance of mass generational entitlement comes in is when the gratification or outcome does not match the effort.

For example, I constantly hear from peers that they exhausted themselves in college to climb to the top of their class, held multiple internships, earned more than one degree or certificate, but are now working for a low-level salary in a position where they feel their enthusiasm and knowledge are not valued by their superiors. Meanwhile, they're paying off the student loans that got them there in the first place.

It's a frustrating position to be in, feeling trapped financially, creatively, and professionally, which is where I can see twenty-somethings whining, "I worked so hard so I deserve XXX."

I am lucky enough to work in an organization that embraces their millennial employees' desire to expand, improve and explore the potential within their positions and given industries. Do I earn a salary that I'm comfortable with? Hardly. But the freedom I have to maximize my potential and make a difference is where I find value at this point in my young career.

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