Millennials: Don't call me 'entitled'

These millennials take issue with the 'entitled' stigma - and no, they aren't just whining.

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entitled nate long
  • Name: Nate Long, 28
  • Location: Tallahassee, Fla.

I'm a millennial who owns two businesses: A social media marketing business that keeps me busy during weekdays and nights, and a DJ company that keeps me busy on weekends.

I typically log a minimum of 60 to 70 hours of work each week. I do my own marketing, build my own websites and do my own accounting and taxes, in addition to events and billable client work.

I haven't taken a penny of business or student loans, and no, it wasn't because of rich parents paying for it. Prior to starting my second business, I worked for a start-up company -- hardly an environment where you show up and expect benefits.

If economists have it right, we may very well face some of the most difficult economic times since our grandparents to help pay for the "entitlements" of the retiring masses (most of whom are Baby Boomers), with no promise of receiving the same.

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