World's shortest work weeks

Americans work an average of 38 hours a week, even after factoring in part-time jobs. Here are 10 industrialized nations where workers have shorter hours.


shortest work week ireland
  • Average hours per week: 34
  • Average annual wages: $51,000

Average working hours in Ireland have fallen considerably over the last 30 years. Whereas Irish workers averaged around 44 hours a week back in 1983, they averaged about 34 hours in 2012.

Part of the decline is due to an exodus from full-time farming jobs (farmers usually report longer working hours than any other occupation).

Meanwhile, part-time jobs have been growing at a faster pace than overall employment -- a trend that could be partly due workers' own preferences, but also due to a weaker job market.

Source: OECD. Data reflect wage and salary workers, not the self-employed.
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