• World's shortest work weeks

    World's shortest work weeks

    Americans work an average of 38 hours a week. Here are 10 industrialized nations where workers have shorter hours.

  • World's largest economies

    World's largest economies

    Track the world's largest economies by gross domestic product.

  • The 5 most competitive countries in the world

    The 5 most competitive countries in the world

    The U.S. has regained its standing as the world's most competitive country, according to the latest rankings from Swiss business school IMD.

  • World's most expensive cities

    World's most expensive cities

    $9 for a loaf of bread in Tokyo? $2,100 for a dinner bill in Paris? To see which cities are the most expensive for employees and travelers, the Economist looked at the prices -- in U.S. dollars -- of everyday items in cities worldwide.

  • 10 most valuable global brands

    10 most valuable global brands

    Apple remains the top global brand with an estimated value of $185 billion, according to an annual ranking by WPP and Millward Brown. Which other companies have brands worth billions?

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