10 hard-to-fill jobs

More than 11 million Americans are unemployed, yet 4 million job openings remain unfilled. These companies want to hire, but are struggling to find the right people.

Construction engineer

hard to fill jobs Pennoni
  • Company: Pennoni Associates
  • Location: Philadelphia, Penn.

Civil engineer has long been a tough position to fill, but try finding one that's also willing to do the job 200 feet in the air.

Pennoni Associates, a Philadelphia-based engineering firm, is looking for a construction engineer to oversee a variety of infrastructure projects, including bridge maintenance.

These niche jobs are even more difficult to fill than traditional engineering jobs.

"It has only become more difficult as the economy has started to pick up and the available candidates have more opportunities available to them," said Erin Bushnell, director of human resources at Pennoni.

At any given time Pennoni has 30 to 40 open positions across the firm's 28 offices.

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