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Jobs that get the biggest tips

Exotic dancers. Sommeliers. Casino dealers. These jobs rake in the biggest tips per hour, according to a survey by Payscale.

Bar manager

gallery tips income bar manager
  • Median hourly tips: $7.50
  • Median hourly income: $18.60
  • % of income from tips: 40%

Bar managers schedule the weekly shifts, supervise workers and oversee the ordering of liquor. And, in a pinch, they may pitch in behind the bar.

In addition to their weekly salaries, some managers receive a share of all the tips collected.

Like many hospitality jobs, income varies greatly with the success of the business and the prices they charge. A bar manager in a high-end restaurant can easily earn six figures, according to PayScale.

Source: PayScale.com
  @CNNMoney - Last updated December 04 2012 05:45 AM ET

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