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Jobs that get the biggest tips

Exotic dancers. Sommeliers. Casino dealers. These jobs rake in the biggest tips per hour, according to a survey by Payscale.


gallery tips income butler
  • Median hourly tips: $5.80
  • Median hourly income: $24.70
  • % of income from tips: 23%

Old-fashioned butlers are a dying breed, according to Steve Laitmon, owner of The Calendar Group, a Connecticut-based staffing agency. The traditional live-in butler is gradually being replaced by household managers who often earn a lot more than their predecessors.

Many professional butlers now find work by renting out their services on short-term contracts of a few months or less, according to Katie Bardaro, lead economist at PayScale. These, as well as the butlers who work at high-end hotels, receive a larger proportion of their earnings from tips.

Source: PayScale.com
  @CNNMoney - Last updated December 04 2012 05:45 AM ET

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