6 things you'll pay less for in 2013

It's not all bad news this year. Used cars, vacation packages and fancy laptops are all expected to cost less this year.


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Intel predicts that entry-level ultrabooks will retail for $599 by end of 2013.

Last year, Intel predicted that laptops carrying its "ultrabook" branding would dominate the industry. So far, that prediction hasn't materialized. But Intel officials claim that is all going to change, aided by what they say will be a big price drop in 2013.

Known for their slim and light exteriors and high-speed processors, Ultrabooks currently sell for more than $1,000. But at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, Intel predicted that entry-level ultrabooks will retail for $599 by end of this year.

And buyers may get more for that lower price. Intel says it plans to add a touchscreen requirement for computers carrying the ultrabook name.

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