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For some resorts in Mexico and Hawaii, package savings can reach $1,000 for a week's vacation.

The key to traveling for less this year will be booking a package deal.

While airfares are expected to rise, cost-conscious travelers can save hundreds of dollars if they book their airfare and hotel together — a feature offered on most travel booking sites, said Sarah Gavin, an spokeswoman. For popular resort locations, like Hawaii and Mexico, savings can reach up to $1,000 for a week-long vacation.

By lumping the purchases together, hotels and airlines are able to fill vacant rooms or flights at a deeper discount, she said.

Take a 7-night trip to Cancun in April. Purchased alone, two round-trip flights from New York and a week at a four-star all-inclusive resort would run $3,643. Purchasing the trip as a package shaves off $1,440.

- Last updated January 22 2013 04:43 PM ET
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