Absurd airline fees

Pay $40 to be the first to board? Or $25 for your carry-on bag? These are some of the latest in a slew of fees some airlines are charging to drum up billions in extra revenue.

Frequent flier fees

absurd airline fees frequent flier
Added fees can make the cost of redeeming frequent flier miles climb significantly.

Remember when frequent flier miles could actually get you a free flight?

Many airlines now charge a range of fees for redeeming miles. US Airways tacks a $25 award processing fee onto any ticket. Redeem your miles within 21 days of travel and you'll be facing another $75 fee on top of that. US Airways said the processing fees help support its mileage program.

American Airlines said it applies a $75 fee for tickets booked 20 days or less before departure because those are time periods when fewer seats are available.

Many other airlines -- including United -- also charge extra for tickets booked with frequent flier miles within 21 days.

Typically, the only way to avoid the fees is to reach elite mileage status, which typically requires logging tens of thousands of miles a year.

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