You stole what? 7 bizarre items thieves love

The FBI estimates that retail crime costs the U.S. $30 billion a year, and some household items that people steal may surprise you.


stolen goods

The most popular laundry detergent comes in big, bright orange containers, and you'd think that would make it tough to slip under your jacket. But thieves make big bucks off of stealing Tide because they're able to sell the detergent back to stores for significantly cheaper than Tide's maker, Procter and Gamble (PG), charges them. Stores still resell them at the same price, meaning more profit.

Criminals also reportedly exchange the detergent for drugs, with a 150-ounce bottle going for either $5 in cash or $10 worth of marijuana or crack cocaine.

  @emilyjanefox - Last updated June 12 2013 12:13 PM ET

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