Crazy ways people are getting divorced

From flying to the Dominican Republic to hiring a private judge, some couples are finding new and creative ways to get divorced.

Hire a private judge

divorce private judge

Private judges aren't just for celebrities anymore.

Now some couples are hiring their own judges to handle their divorce proceedings, a practice that has become legal in a small but growing number of states, according to Lisa Helfend Meyer, a Los Angeles-based family law attorney.

That can help in cash-strapped states where proceedings can stretch out for months, thanks to lengthy court waiting times.

Typically retired judges, private judges don't come cheap. In Los Angeles for example, you'll pay between $500 and $700 an hour, according to Helfend Meyer.

But the extra cost may be worth it since private judges can help speed up the process, ultimately cutting down on attorney fees, which are also often hundreds of dollars an hour, she said.

"Even though you have to pay the money in advance for the private judge, you are guaranteed... to be heard," said Meyer.

Check with your local court system to find out if private judges are allowed in your state.

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