Food allergies

children costs blackham
Kim and Aaron Blackham with their four children.
  • Name: Kim and Aaron Blackham
  • City: Tampa, Fla.

Grocery shopping for a family of six is expensive enough, but when the family includes a child with food allergies the bill gets even steeper.

After learning that their 5-year-old son is allergic to gluten, dairy and food dyes, Kim Blackham's grocery bill has jumped by nearly $200 a month.

She now buys almond milk, dairy-free cheese and gluten-free bread, among other items — all of which costs at least double what she used to spend.

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"We have had to be super creative in a lot of things to make it work," she said about raising a family on a tight budget.

To cut costs, the family has been driving older cars, borrowing movies from the library for free and nixing purchases of the latest gadgets.

August 18 2014 08:35 AM ET

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