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Workers who say their job makes the world a worse place: 4.9%

Does creating the latest fashions for the runway have a positive impact on the world? Some fashion designers say "no."

In fact, about 5% of designers say their job actually makes the world a worse place. Meanwhile, another 36% said their line of work isn't doing anything to improve the world either.

"A lot of people have issues with body image, and fashion designers can make that worse in a lot of ways," said PayScale's Bardaro. "[Some of them] are designing clothes for models that don't represent the typical woman's body ... so you have people with eating disorders and low confidence because they can't wear the clothes they see in a magazine."

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Note: PayScale asked 32,000 employees whether their jobs make the world a better place. Respondents could answer "very much so," "yes," "a little," "no" or "my job makes the world a worse place."
- Last updated October 18 2012 05:50 AM ET
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