5 back to school buys that mix style with charity

These products offer something unique: They're giving back to kids in need.

.  IKEA's SUNNAN solar-powered lamp

Ikea Lamps
IKEA has donated more than 600,000 SUNNAN solar-powered lamps in India and Pakistan.
  • Price: $19.99
  • Available: IKEA

These rainbow-colored table lamps from Swedish home goods chain IKEA are environmentally-friendly and support a good cause.

Because the lamps run on solar cells, they're fuss-free, with no cables or plugs. Another plus -- there's no cost for electricity. To charge the battery, place it in sunlight for 9-12 hours. When the battery is fully charged, the lamp provides full power for about three hours.

IKEA spokeswoman Mona Liss said the retailer has partnered with UNICEF and Save the Children to make the SUNNAN lamp a truly meaningful purchase. For every lamp sold, she said IKEA donates one lamp to UNICEF or Save the Children charity to enable children in homes without electricity to do their school work.

Since the campaign began in June 2009, IKEA has donated 604,403 SUNNAN lamps to children in India and Pakistan.

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