Ron 'Ronnie' Ortiz-Magro
Ronnie Magro

Claim to fame: Getting arrested in Seaside Heights for fighting. Getting arrested for his ever-growing pile of unpaid parking tickets. Endlessly bickering with his on-and-off girlfriend Sammi.

Before the Shore: He reportedly worked in real estate with his father.

Side projects: Paid appearances (of course.) Recently opened Ronnie's Shore Store in his home borough of The Bronx, featuring clothes from his Smush Brand Apparel. His T-shirts sport catchy phrases like "Come At Me Bro" and "GTS: Gym Tan Smush." (For those ignorant of Jersey Shore jargon, "smush" is a euphemism for sex.)

Post-Shore career prospects: The future for Ronnie depends not just on the success of his fledgling T-shirt brand, but whether he follows through with his launch of Ron-Ron Juice, the powerfully boozy cocktail that he mixes on the show before a night of dancing and fighting.

In interviews, Magro has described this as a watermelon-flavored concoction that he intends to package in a "box" and to distribute to liquor stores in 2012.

You'd better hurry up, Ronnie. The year's almost over, bro.

- Last updated October 15 2012 10:52 AM ET
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