The economy's biggest risks

We rounded up the smartest entrepreneurs we know to find out where this recovery stands - and what could go wrong.

'The worst threats are sour, dour moods'

"The worst threats are the sour, dour moods and predictions that keep us out of getting on with recovery. People I talk with seem honestly surprised that the economy remains in the tank and aren't sure what to think anymore. Everyone presumes we'll get out of the funk, but since we haven't already, then you've got to be asking yourself, 'What hasn't happened that will get us out? And why haven't we already done that?'

"I see very gradual, almost granular, improvements right now. Cupcake sales have held steady through the crisis, and cake orders are picking up. We welcome the change, however slight, but it's not enough to cross the threshold to hire more or anything like that.

  @CNNMoney - Last updated October 18 2012 09:47 AM ET