What businesses want from the next president

We rounded up the smartest entrepreneurs we know -- and some business experts that work with them -- to find out what they want to see from the next commander in chief.

'Get real with the American people'

"Get real with the American people. The lifestyle of the American Dream is way underfinanced for the future. Prepare the people for the difficult reality that's 20 years out. The average level of retirement accounts have no chance to offer retiring folks a lifestyle they're likely expecting.

"Health care will continue to limit the opportunities for most families either quickly (when a medical event happens) or bleed them slowly (with the high cost of regular care and high premiums).

And we continue to drain our potential with inadequate education funding -- witnessed in one minor way with the expanding waistlines of children across the country, as physical education and recesses are dropped from primary school and kids don't develop any habits or appreciation for exercise; and one major way, by the depressing performance ranking U.S. high school students have relative to the rest of the world."

  @CNNMoney - Last updated November 05 2012 12:58 PM ET

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