What businesses want from the next president

We rounded up the smartest entrepreneurs we know -- and some business experts that work with them -- to find out what they want to see from the next commander in chief.

'I want a plan that passes the giggle test'

"One of the joys of being an entrepreneur is making decisions with very little information. I have to make gut calls all the time about customers, vendors, employees, the market, and more.

"What I'm struggling with is the lack of direction for our country. We all realize that our country's finances are in disorder, if not ready to implode, but we see no real direction on how this will be fixed. We all hope severe inflation isn't the plan, but it seems like the path we're on right now.

"In the absence of a clear answer, we're forced to prepare for the many horrible outcomes that could come our way. The preparation is causing us to take time away from investing and growing our companies and put it into playing defense. Please present us with a reasonable plan that passes the giggle test -- in other words, one that can be conveyed without the speaker cracking up laughing at its absurdity."

  @CNNMoney - Last updated November 05 2012 12:58 PM ET