Coolest commutes on two wheels

Over the last 5 years, commuting by bike has risen 25%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Dozens of companies have sprung up to fill the demand.

My Dutch Bike

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My Dutch Bike has been importing bikes to its San Francisco headquarters and distributing them throughout the United States for the last three and a half years.

The idea came to co-founder Soraya Nasirian when she was in Holland visiting family, and her Dutch mother-in-law set her and her young child up on a bike.

"It was so easy for a mother to get out and enjoy the weather, and the child is just in heaven," said Nasirian. "I couldn't believe we didn't have this."

The Bakfeists, one of the company's most popular models, can "carry six bags of groceries, a couple of large dogs, three kids or two kids and a baby seat," reads the company's Website. It starts at $3,499.

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