Black Friday deals you wouldn't expect

Forget doorbuster deals on flatscreen TVs and cameras. These four small businesses and franchises are ready to make a killing on Black Friday by offering juicy discounts on some surprising items.


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Wingtip CEO Ami Arad's promise to Black Friday shoppers: Don't worry. Sleep in. And you'll still get great deals at noon.

Ami Arad, owner and CEO of a San Francisco-based men's high-end clothing and accessories store, has four Black Fridays under his belt.

As he prepares for his fifth one, Arad said he wants to assure Black Friday shoppers that he will again offer great deals at his store, but not at the crack of dawn.

Arad is distinctly anti-Black Friday in his strategy, even though his sales tend to be about 50% higher then than on a typical Friday. "For me, it's also important to spend Thanksgiving with my family," he said. "I want that for our shoppers, too."

So Arad plans to open his store at noon on Black Friday for shoppers hoping to score 50% off deals. He'll launch those deals online at the same time.

"I am optimistic that my customers will appreciate the message I'm trying to send," he said. "The last thing I want is for someone to go to bed early on Thanksgiving just to shop early the next day. Don't worry. Sleep in. My deals will still be there when you get in."

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