Biking hobby inspired startup
senior entrepreneur gallery richard pawlowski
Age: 71
Previous career: Real estate broker

For Richard Pawlowski, always an avid cyclist, growing older and staying healthy has gone hand in hand. After he retired, Pawlowski figured out a novel way to make money while keeping fit.

Ten years ago, he started making small mobile billboards to place on a trailer that he'd attach to his bike -- then cycle around town. "It was a great, fun, outdoor business," he said. "People would hire me for $250 just to ride my bike with their ad."

Due to a health concern, Pawlowski is now looking to sell his business or find a partner. "I love being a business owner and I'd love to take my business to the next level," he said. "This company is my labor of love."

- Last updated March 20 2013 05:58 AM ET
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