Even one day off takes weeks of prep
no vacation tim curry
Name: Tim Curry, 53
Last vacation: 2001 (can't remember where!)

When I founded Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company, I knew I would sacrifice to run my own business. Vacations were unlikely for a while. But I don't see my job as work. I get to play with coffee, which is my passion.

I work six days a week. Even taking one day off takes weeks of preparation. With only two part-time employees, I'm the only roaster. My company specializes in roasting beans over a wood fire, an art that is rarely practiced in the U.S. I figure it would take two years for me to train someone to do my job.

With about $200,000 annually in sales, my company primarily supplies several dozen restaurants and coffee houses in Nevada and across the country with roasted beans.

Whenever I do take a real vacation, I hope it's centered around coffee. I'd love to see some of the places like Guatemala or Costa Rica where my beans are born.

- Last updated August 09 2013 12:45 PM ET
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