Obamacare sparked my startup

These entrepreneurs say Obamacare gave them an idea for a niche small business.

Retrains insurance brokers

small biz obamacare kevin trokey

For Kevin Trokey, who spent 17 years as an insurance broker, Obamacare has been a double-edged sword.

The new law, which requires states to launch their own insurance exchanges on which businesses can directly buy insurance or enroll in public programs, leaves little room for traditional insurance brokers.

But there have been new opportunities created as well. In April 2009, Trokey launched consulting firm Q4intelligence, which helps insurance brokers diversify their offerings so they aren't solely dependent on health care.

The St. Louis-based firm teaches brokers to advise clients on such issues as corporate communications, employee retention and job performance.

So far, the firm has signed on 35 insurance agencies nationwide and is on track to generate nearly $1 million in revenue in 2013.

"While the Affordable Care Act threatens the future of independent insurance brokers, it also gave me an opportunity to create a niche business and become very successful," said Trokey.

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