What I look for in a new hire

When hiring new employees, these entrepreneurs look past the resume for qualities like judgment, compassion and integrity.


new hire joseph brown
  • Name: Joseph Brown, 38
  • Company: Cellairis, Alpharetta, GA

We want a good fit with Cellairis, which develops and manufactures wireless accessories, and has about 200 employees. We are in thousands of retail outlets, including more than 720 franchise stores, and we're growing globally. We need people with a global mindset who can propose solutions to roadblocks.

Employees need to be very entrepreneurial, and that requires good judgment. Judgment is needed to determine when a project should be finished, slowed or stopped, and when to get advice. It plays into assessing risk, as well as when business terms are too aggressive, or when to ask for more.

We ask job candidates, "Tell me about a major project that you have worked on from start to finish." Their answer should demonstrate a real interest in using their strategic skills to help our company reach its goals.

We also ask, "Tell me about a project that you led or worked on that you were skeptical about." Knowing when to push and when to hit the brakes is crucial. We look for an answer that is grounded in economic reality, recognizing that we are a global company that should take smart risks.

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