Explosives detection

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  • Company: Implant Sciences Corp.

Implant Sciences' business is built on fighting terrorist threats, whether in the United States or overseas.

The Wilmington, Mass.-based company manufactures devices that detect explosives and are used in airports, subways, ports, and other high-risk facilities.

The company uses two types of technology to detect explosives. The most commonly used device "is like a handheld dustbuster but a little bigger," said CEO Glenn Bolduc. "It draws an air sample into it and analyzes it for explosive materials."

Bolduc said the handheld devices were used at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and are currently in 172 Beijing subway stations. In November 2013, the company inked a deal to provide them to China's nuclear power plants.

Bolduc said China has been the company's fastest-growing market in the last seven years, and half of the company's revenue now comes from sales there.

First published May 19, 2015: 10:26 AM ET