Samsung phones, before and after the iPhone

At a trial now under way in San Jose, Calif., Apple is trying to prove that Samsung illegally ripped off its distinctive iPhone design. Here's a look at how Samsung's phones have evolved over the years.

Samsung's new smartphones

Samsung Phone

In the months after the iPhone's debut, Samsung brought a slew of new touchscreen phones to market. In June 2008, one year after the iPhone went on sale, the Korean manufacturer announced the i900 Omnia (left), a five-megapixel cameraphone which one reviewer called "technically more advanced than Apple's creation."

The first entry in Samsung's now well-known Galaxy line of mobile devices was the i9000 (right). Released in June 2010 for the Asian market -- and in June through September in the U.S., under the variant names Epic, Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate and Mesmerize -- it was a direct competitor to the iPhone 4. It quickly distinguished itself among other high-end Android phones, earning the number-two spot on Time's list of the top 10 gadgets of 2010.

"Samsung once sold a range of phones," Apple said in its trial brief. "Now Samsung's mobile devices not only look like Apple's ... they use Apple's patented software features to interact with the user."

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