Apple's biggest apologies

Public apologies from Apple are rare, but not as infrequent as you'd think. The tech giant has been forced to say mea culpa for some pretty major snafus over the past decade.

Antennagate: "We are not perfect"

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Perhaps Apple's most infamous screw-up was "Antennagate." Apple responded in kind with an equally epic apology.

After weeks of complaints in July 2010 that the then-new iPhone 4 dropped calls when held a certain way, Steve Jobs held a news conference to explain the issue and apologize -- sort of.

"We are not perfect, and we are working our asses off," he said. "It's not like Apple has had its head in the sand on this."

A snippy Jobs called the reaction to the problem "overblown," and showed videos of competitors' phones exhibiting the same dropped-signal behavior. In classic Jobs fashion, he turned his quasi-apology into an attack on the media.

"I'm not saying we're not at fault," Jobs said. "We didn't understand that people don't know that smartphones have weaknesses."

The company offered free cases and refunds for dissatisfied customers.

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