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9 reasons Kickstarter projects ship late

Manufacturing disasters, packing chaos and the whims of Apple are just a few of the unexpected obstacles these Kickstarter creators faced.

Changing scope

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A planned documentary on BronyCon turned into a much larger film about the adult fan community.

When projects raise loads more money than expected, creators often expand their plans.

Mike Brockhoff raised $322,000 -- five times his goal -- for "BronyCon: The Documentary," a film about My Little Pony fans. He delayed his movie's release and dramatically expanded its scope, using the extra cash to meet more "Bronies" and travel to additional locations, including Europe.

Extra funds also helped Double Fine Adventure, which wanted to make a classic "point-and-click adventure" computer game. The campaign blew past its $400,000 goal in a mere eight hours and eventually raised $3.3 million.

Instead of a short, bite-sized game, Double Fine expanded to become longer and more intricate, with support for character voices and multiple platforms. That pushed its estimated completion date back from October 2012 to mid-2013. -Julianne Pepitone

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