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14 gadgets we wish would be unveiled at CES

Let's face it: The Consumer Electronics Show has become predictable. Here's CNNMoney's list of gadgets we wish would be launched at this year's CES.

An attractive and functional smartwatch

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The watchphone was once seen as the pinnacle of innovative technology. But before it was ever ready for consumer use, we managed to create something even better in the form of the smartphone, which has all but rendered the watch obsolete in the process.

And yet, we still wear watches. Considering we all miss calls, emails and texts when our phones are stuffed in pockets, why not get notifications on our watches?

We've seen a couple of examples already, in the form of Sony (SNE), Casio and yet-to-be-released Pebble smartwatches. But they all lack something, like functionality (Sony), U.S. availability (Casio), or aesthetic taste (Pebble).

These watches need not do everything. I don't need to send emails or read tweets. Nor does it have to come packed full of biofeedback sensors. We just want a company to produce a stylish watch that simply vibrates when a call, text, email or whatever else comes through on our phones. That's something that could be implemented in existing watch designs in relatively simple and inexpensive ways. - AC

  @CNNTech - Last updated January 07 2013 01:36 PM ET