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The finest things money can buy

They go on land, on water and in-between. They are eye-popping, jaw-dropping and simply cool. Check out some of the most exclusive and luxurious things money can buy.

  • $2.6 million pop art helicopter

    Sick of waiting for your valet? Check out this private helicopter with a 'priceless' façade that costs over $2 million.

  • $37M mega yacht with a helipad

    Mi Sueno is a luxury yacht with a helicopter landing deck allowing guests to arrive fast, in style and in total privacy.

  • Amphibian Quadski goes on land and water

    The $42,000 high-performance amphibian ATV can speed up to 45 mph on both land and water.

  • 50 Rolex watches sold for $13 million

    A special Rolex Daytona auction by Christie's celebrated the 50th anniversary of the iconic watch.

  • $20,000 Dom Pérignon holder by Jeff Koons

    Koons designed miniature versions of his famous Balloon Venus statue to hold the Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003.