Live like a millionaire

Want to live the good life? Check out the best in watches, caviar, rugs and wine cellars.

  • All you need to know about caviar

    Caviar's flavor and price can vary greatly depending on the type of fish, and the size, color and shape of the egg.

  • What makes a watch collectible

    Collectible watches cost thousands of dollars, but for passionate collectors they are more than just time pieces, they are the non-verbal communicators of their wealth and status.

  • What makes an antique rug an investment

    Antique rugs can cost from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars and the most desired pieces can appreciate in value over time.

  • Inside luxury wine cellars

    Private wine rooms not only provide optimal climate for storing precious bottles but they can become focal points of luxury home interiors and wine tasting venues.

  • Look inside millionaires' home theaters

    High-end home theaters offer equal, or often better viewing experience for movies, TV, music and sports events than commercial cinemas.