101 dumbest moments in business: Sex
The year in shenanigans, skulduggery, and just plain stupidity in the world of sex.
3. On the bright side, seeing-eye dogs are total chick magnets.
In May the FDA says it's received 40 reports of sudden blindness in men taking the impotence drugs Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. Within six months, combined sales of the drugs plunge more than 10 percent from the previous year's levels.

20. He's a perfect 10 -- a 1, plus 9 glasses of sparkling Lambrini!
Having barred alcohol marketing that associates drinking with sex, British regulators block an ad that shows women imbibing Lambrini sparkling wine while using a fishing pole to hook a hunky guy. The Advertising Standards Authority says the ad violates its guidelines because the guy "looks quite attractive and desirable to the girls." It would pass muster if only he were "overweight, middle-aged, balding, etc." The company then runs a version of the ad using a paunchy, chrome-domed model.

21. Sounds OK, so long as all the men are overweight, middle-aged, balding, etc.
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Developers announce plans for the London Academy of Sex and Relationships, an $8.3 million sexual theme park. The project, a spokesperson says, is "committed to avoiding the sleazy image that the sex industry usually conjures.... Titillation is not the goal."

35. Meanwhile, in other news about Wal-Mart and Germans ...
In November, Wal-Mart loses an appeal of a ruling that its attempts to prohibit workplace romances among its 10,500 employees in Germany conflict with the country's laws. Wal-Mart had tried to introduce a 28-page ethical code that reportedly banned "lustful glances and ambiguous jokes" as well as "sexually meaningful communication of any type."

68. The pen is mightier than the sword.
Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher, brought out of retirement to restore the company's image in the wake of ethical lapses by predecessor Phil Condit -- including allegations of affairs with female employees -- is forced to resign for having an affair with a female employee. Though the relationship was consensual, Boeing's board determined that Stonecipher had violated the company's code of conduct -- a document that all 160,000 Boeing employees have been required to sign annually since it was put into place by Stonecipher in 2003.

79. Let's see, that's 752 rum-and-Cokes, 363 orders of buffalo wings, 2,000 lap dances ...
In October, American Express sues Savvis CEO Robert McCormick for $241,000 in charges he racked up on a visit to New York strip club Scores. Savvis places McCormick on unpaid leave after he admits to the visit but claims that he charged less than $20,000. He later resigns, accepting more than $600,000 in severance but forfeiting almost $3 million in preferred stock.

80. Or even more if Bob McCormick shows up looking to party.
"For every 2 inches up there, it's another $50,000."

-- Sales consultant William Fried, speaking to eighth-graders on Career Day at a middle school in Palo Alto. Fried lists "stripper" and "exotic dancer" among potential occupations and reportedly tells students that the profession can garner them annual salaries of $250,000 -- a figure that can easily be augmented along with their bust size.

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