Battle Gear
By Bob Parks

(Business 2.0) – The Archos AV320 is TiVo for the road, complete with its own 3.8-inch screen. The guts of this 12.5-ounce handheld is a hard drive that stores 80 hours of video from any source. A snap-on camera shoots movies and stills. -- Bob Parks

The Sonic Boom SBT 425ss alarm clock guarantees that no matter how little sleep you've had, you'll get out of that hotel bed. The device's three-prong assault: flashing lights, a mattress vibrator, and an alarm as loud as any Who concert. -- B.P.

Take news of the next flight delay lying down: The JourneyRest Garment Bag houses a couple of suits, plenty of pockets, and an inflatable mattress. Blow air into the internal bladder and the carry-on becomes a head-to-thighs sleeping pad. -- B.P.

When your flight's been canceled, every second counts. Which airlines go where you're going, and when does the next plane leave? Ask MobiMate's WorldMate 2004 software, which runs on most PDAs and provides flight times, weather reports for 38,000 cities worldwide, and more. -- B.P.